Been behind schedule on posts so didn’t get this out last week Friday. These are some of my favourite links from last week. Entertaining. Inspiring. Amusing. Irritating. Enlightening.

Power out unplugs energy workshop
Oh! The irony. Power outages at Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum have delayed a National Union of Mineworkers energy security workshop, attended by the industry’s leading stakeholders. [Times Live]

Suma Interviews Prof Mensah(Ghana)
A comedic interview with an Indian man who speaks exactly like a Ghanaian [Video]

Canopy Jar
Online poetry publication [Words]

Chinese Magic
Aki Anastasiou: “Watch this and tell me that it is not one of the most amazing magical tricks you have ever seen!” [Magic]

Ghana / UK Rapper freestyling
Kobi Onyame freestyles on DJ Black’s Open House Party on Ghana’s Joy FM [Video]

How Much do artists make online
DJ Jamad: $$$ don’t just come because of HYPE. Prepare to GRIND like no tomorrow! [Article]

Richard Pryor Biopic
Chris Rock, one of the producers of the film, talks Richard Pryor biopic / Marlon Wayan’s audition [Video]

Traffic fine excuse generator [Site]


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