THE African continent is rich in ­culture, heritage and stories. From the deeds of iconic leaders and ­people such as Shaka, Yaa ­Asantewaa, ­Patrice Lumumba, ­Steve Biko and King Moshoeshoe, to the lives of the ordinary men and women, there are events, ­experiences and lessons that are universal.

As our history fades into memory and we continue failing to document all of these stories, the world moves on, defining our ­future reality for us, without our influence, as Africans….. [more]

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  1. 'Matheko Moshoeshoe

    Brilliant article and very thruthful, we have such a rich history and as well there are some of us willing to write our own sories and tell it like it is as we have lived but the man with the money is mostly never willing to give it to some unknowns as they look at you as a risk they would rather give to someone they have seen or know of just cause their name is on the billboard and not even care on the quality that is to be delivered. I have told myself that tha will never faze but encourage me more oneday someday they will know the whole truth and it should be.

    Thank you for reminding a many of us …

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