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by | Jan 6, 2010 | Random, Words | 4 comments

The power of Twitter. Through a relationship created through Twitter, I was invited to submit some poetry for the publication Artist: Activist – Rehearsing For The Revolution put together by Joi Sears: If you would like to be included in future publications or would like more information on some of the initiatives taking place, check out the site. In the meantime …..these are the words, thoughts, feelings, images and artistry of a range of artists ….. myself included


Click to launch the full edition in a new window.


  1. Rochelle

    These images are beautiful–thanks for posting!

  2. rushay

    yes brother the power of the internet and mediums such as twitter is amazing yet not fully utilized by so many south africans and africans as such,its been a imprint on its own over 15 years of blood,sweat and tears.It took me to stanford university,uni of michigan and so many other places use it actually abuse it!People was laughing calling me a internet junkie now it seems they all have become a junkie per say.congrats on the invite.

  3. Kojo Baffoe

    Peace brother. That is next on my list. To travel beyond these borders. To share. To explore.

  4. Joy Dembo

    Stunning publication and fab contribution by u “Mr Twafrica”

    We have already expereinced the power of Twitter :0)

    Sending love


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