Tumi Traverses Whole Worlds

by | Dec 15, 2009 | Sound | 5 comments

Many moons ago, I frequented a spot in Doornfontein, Johannesburg called Jungle Connection, a place I have mentioned in previous posts. One of the people I met on these poetic excursions was Boitumelo Molekane. He was at the heart of a creative, artistic collective called P.E.R.M. and would come through to Jungle infrequently, but always with words to provoke the mind and inspire the heart.

Everyone drifted out of Jungle Connection after a while. While we would bump into each other infrequently, Tumi the Poet-Emcee started carving a place for himself in South Africa and beyond both as an individual artist as well as part of Tumi and the Volume. I recently attended the listening session of Tumi’s latest album Whole Worlds and have had it on high rotation since. The first single, Bambezela, features kwaito artist Brickz & singer Tracey-Lee. The video has just been completed & I wanted to be able to share it with you. And go find the album. It is also available on iTunes and will definitely be worth your while.



  1. biz-ark-human

    Not in place where I can immediately access the album, but have asked someone to bring it for me. Will hopefully be bumping it 2mrw. Been a follower since I saw dude on them Y-commercials on television. Have had (i.e. owned physical copies) of every other release (well, apart from ‘Tao’ and ‘Live’) eversince.

    PS>any reprints of ‘Live…’ available?

  2. Letsie

    I have a couple of Tumi’s albums. I couldn’t find this on itunes. Craving it though. I hope all is well with you and fam. L

  3. Kojo Baffoe

    I’m not sure about Live reprints. I will ask him and let you know. Easy

  4. Sfundo

    I would lyk 2 get yr copies bt i dnt knw how nd lastly nd importantly help me 2 b a poet.i ned it

  5. La Negra

    Yeah man, God bless the poets! Has there ever been a place as hot as Jungle Connection after it’s popularity subsided? When I dropped out of Wits Tech in 2003, I tried a poetry joint in Rosebank and the less I talk about it the better. It actually made me loose my poetic voice, but now I feel like I’m about to burst at the seems because I cannot find a proper avenue for poetry readings. Know of any?

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