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by | Nov 3, 2009 | Words | 8 comments

The intention is, over time, to record little video clips of my poetry. Often, I get so caught up in how to do it properly, in terms of shooting, that I never get round to anything. This is a poem from my 2005 collection Voices In My Head. The internal debate: do I post the video, the text or the video and the text? I’ve decided to post the video.

March 2018: I’ve been going through past posts on my blog and finding so many broken links, random ideas, etc. I have always wanted to do poetry videos but more from a conceptual perspective. When I initially posted this many moons ago, I had dreams of posting a poem a week in video. I am still trying to find my place within the poetry space, having been out of the scene for so many years now. But, this is my history. A part of me wanted to actually delete this post, but it was me then. I can’t wish that away. And who knows, maybe as I move forward, I will pick up on the things I did back then… share more poetry.


  1. Speaks Beliefs

    “So deep it runs the marathon like a sprinter…” Dope sir. Dope.

  2. Kojo Baffoe

    Thank you brother

  3. Jimmy

    *clap clap clap*

  4. Eudoraa

    I agree with posting the Video…good choice.

    Excellent,powerful piece!!

    ~Much Success.

  5. Jimmy

    Your poetry is so deep it should be tabled in parliament
    Your poetry is so deep it gets sharks in the deep blue to pause for 1 minute and 34 seconds to hear you speak, and then continue their cruise
    You poetry is so deep in makes high-rise buildings and the people in ‘em wish they were underground
    Your poetry is so deep it makes the oxford dictionary hope to be quoted in one of your poems
    Your poetry is so deep it makes fellas wonder about the size of their penises and how deep they can go
    Your poetry is so deep, it should be considered as bone marrow replacement
    Your poetry is so deep, back in the day it had chicks in their sexy voices asking you: “how deep is your love for me Kojo”
    Your poetry is so deep that any one who questions how deep your love is for poetry should be institutionalized

  6. Sociolingo

    What a great idea! Looking forward to hearing more of your poems.

  7. Joy

    So deep it touches the very depth of my soul.

    Brilliant words…

  8. Inessa

    So deep it solves Africa’s problems in one verse, so deep it transends racisn and breakdown sexism…I like that!

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