Poetry: The Power of Po

Nov 3, 2009 | Words

The intention is, over time, to record little video clips of my poetry. Often, I get so caught up in how to do it properly, in terms of shooting, that I never get round to anything. This is a poem from my 2005 collection Voices In My Head. The internal debate: do I post the video, the text or the video and the text? I’ve decided to post the video.

March 2018: I’ve been going through past posts on my blog and finding so many broken links, random ideas, etc. I have always wanted to do poetry videos but more from a conceptual perspective. When I initially posted this many moons ago, I had dreams of posting a poem a week in video. I am still trying to find my place within the poetry space, having been out of the scene for so many years now. But, this is my history. A part of me wanted to actually delete this post, but it was me then. I can’t wish that away. And who knows, maybe as I move forward, I will pick up on the things I did back then… share more poetry.