Recently, I was humbled by a comment on my Imperfect Poetry blog from Thesz Eyz about one of my poems, closed doors. This space served as my ‘online poetry diary’ where I wrote and posted the results of my almost daily writing sessions. The poems are raw, unedited and often really just residues of potential poems. Haven’t maintained it much lately but Thesz Eyz wanted to combine the piece with a graphic.

Linda Michelle & Kojo CollaborationI am hoping she will honour me with a couple more collaborations like this. It is through interaction with others that we continue to be inspired.


  1. Faeez

    Great stuff cuz!

  2. TheszEyz

    Thank you so much for featuring my work, and for graciously allowing me the opportunity to express your work through my vision. I was truly moved by this piece, and I certainly look forward to working with you again in the very near future!

  3. Kojo Baffoe

    Thank you. I really like what you did with it. Let me know if you need any other words & I will send through.

  4. rebel ryter

    luv it!
    too deep…too deep…

  5. Joy

    The words flow from your heart…

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