Kobi Onyame – He Said, She Said

by | Jun 16, 2009 | Random, Sound | 2 comments

It ain’t easy. Talent is something that we, as human beings, have in abundance. The creation of beauty, melody, harmony is second nature to so many in our midst, yet we may never hear, see, touch or feel most of what is out there. That said, the birth and evolution of social media might just be the key. Through platforms such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, my music listening habits have gradually changed, influenced less by hits pushed by the commercial conglomerates and more by the search for gems that would previously be restricted to a specific geographic location.

Over the last few years, I’ve been drawn more to the hip hop and sounds coming out of the UK than the stuff out of the US which, like most, is what I grew up on. The different influences and sounds appeal to my spirit more. The most recent is Kobi Onyame, Ghanaian-born, UK-raised and based emcee and producer who has recently released a new track He Said, She Said. I came across Kobi on Twitter of all places and the GH connection does help.

Kobi OnyameHis journey is like that of so many artists. The music serves as an outlet, a passion and a platform for expression yet the journey to recognition is a test in commitment and work ethic. Early last year, he (independently) released his debut CD Unsigned & Hungry Vol. 1 under the moniker Jae P and, while it is primarily available digitally, it has received some decent reviews in a variety of spaces including The Source, The Skinny UK, Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1Xtra, etc. And, off the album, he has started to build a profile performing across the UK, as well as in Ghana and Australia.

Not resting on his laurels, Kobi Onyame is pushing through with his next album, and He Said, She Said is the first single. The track is catchy and entertaining, following the accusations and lies that are bandied around in a love triangle.


Listen to it, let me know what you think. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from Kobi Onyame off what I hear on this track.


  1. amunishn

    I like dude. Would really love to hear more shit from him. It’s nice to hear a rapper without an ego these days. Nice, dope, fresh, def.

  2. Khosi

    I Like I like.

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