Kojo Baffoe – Staccato Rhythms

by | Jun 14, 2009 | Words | 1 comment

Some say poetry is meant to speak for those who cannot speak. It is a tool for revolution. And those who can speak it, have a duty to only reside in that space & that spirit. This is a debate I have had with some of my peers, over the years. I believe the Word must be a reflection of the human experience, in all its glory and folly. There are no boundaries to what it can and cannot speak, however serious or trivial.


Every now & then, I actually write what I consider a political piece. This is one. Not necessarily my best performance of it, but I hope you do find some meaning. Once again, please share your thoughts. In time, I shall re-record & upload a version that I am comfortable with. Until then …..

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  1. Inessa

    This one has got to be my favourite!

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