Hanging with DJ Black

by | May 21, 2009 | Random | 1 comment

When I was in Accra last, I spent a lot of time chilling with DJ Black at the Joy Fm studios.  This is one of those times. Still more to come.

August 2020: I have been going through my past blog posts, debating about which to keep and which to delete. This was around the time I started visiting Ghana, my father’s birthplace, again regularly. I hadn’t been there in 35 years. DJ Black is a good friend, and that friendship has endured to this day. Funny thing is, when I shot this video, it would take forever to upload video to YouTube. Fortunately, connectivity has vastly improved.

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  1. Fauzia Hussen

    Im not one to read articles like these, but i wanted to let you know that i di read this one, and im impressed. i always knew you were talented but now im super impressed with you.

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