Poetry Performance At The Blues Room

by | May 16, 2009 | Words | 2 comments

Confession. I posted this years ago and, one day (in July 2020), looking at what I wrote, it made absolutely no sense to me. So I have reposted the video, deleted what I had written and added this. The Blues Room in Johannesburg was one of those spaces that became legendary. When I first moved to city, they had a lot of live music performances. At some stage, some people started a poetry night there and, with a new camera that I didn’t know how to use, I performed there. This is the result.

It’s a funny thing. I try not to watch these videos much, because I cringe every time. And yet, I have stopped writing and performing poetry so I can’t really say that I am better today. I would probably have to go through parts of the journey again to figure out my voice.


  1. Lerato Seleka

    I was actually there when you did this poem and i must say even today it moves me as if its my first time hearing it.Your work is uterly amazing i cannot begin to describe the kind of energy you bring….AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. Kojo Baffoe

    Thank you Lerato. You honour me.

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