Naturally curious, Kojo uses his life and work experiences as lessons to do better and be better. He is comfortable exploring a wide range of topics, using the lessons to create greater understanding across multiple industries. He believes that for the collective to progress, it is important that:

  • We each share whatever knowledge and wisdom we have garnered.
  • We are fully engaged in the human experience.
  • We draw from everything at our disposal to ensure that our little patch of this earth is better for us having been in it.

I have facilitated, hosted and been programme director for various events, conferences, workshops and seminars.

He has facilitated, hosted and been programme director for various events, conferences, workshops and seminars across sectors, including for Glenfiddich, Allan Gray, Old Mutual, Bisquit Cognac, Standard Bank, Microsoft, the Glass Recycling Company, Club Med, Henley Business School and Gordon Institute of Business Science and Werksmans Attorneys. Some of the key highlights have been live conversations he had with US entrepreneur and mogul Russell Simmons at the Destiny Forum, former Tsogo Sun CEO and Telkom Chairperson Jabu Mabuza, futurist and tech entrepreneur Stafford Masie and architect and designer Mokena Makeka.

Kojo speaks on different topics and often customizes his keynotes and talks, according to the audience and brief. He is comfortable delving into innovation, technology, lifestyle, marketing and branding, and fatherhood, amongst others. He has spoken on Storytelling, Career Transitions, Redefining Success and Finding Purpose.

Sample Topics

  • Understanding Content in a Digital World – In this talk, drawing from his experience in magazine, television and media consulting for brands, Kojo digs into the evolution of media and storytelling and how we need to change our perspectives on content if we are going to make sense of it in a time when the noise is incessant. We are all curators, we are all media, whether individuals, brands, organisations, companies, etc.
  • Being Human: Person As A Brand – Fascinated by this idea of a ‘person as a brand’ and, drawing from the varied life and work experiences he has, Kojo looks at the decisions we make and how those decisions impact on the lives we live, especially around careers and work life.
  • The Things My Children Have Taught Me – There is no manual for raising children, we all just stumble along doing our best. At the same time, the lessons they teach you, indirectly and directly, apply to the work and business environment.


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Disclaimer / Disclosure

I accept advertising and do sponsored posts from brands or services from time to time with my primary criteria being whether there is synergy or it is an area, product, service or thought that I am naturally interested in.

I am not responsible for the actions, claims, statistics, quotes or any other representation of advertisers or sponsors so, if you have had issue with them, please take it up with them.

I endeavour to always be honest about my views and, to be honest, if I don’t anything nice to say about something, I’d rather not talk about it at all. You may not agree with my opinions and that is cool.

I also engage with a lot of different brands, activations, etc that are of interest to me that aren’t paid for. The primary purpose of this blog is to share content around my interests, whether it is marketing, campaigns, lifestyle, music, sport, poetry, tech, etc.

If you, as a brand, think there is merit in interacting with myself and my blog, or that I would be interested in your product or service, please drop us a line. This includes ads on the site.

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