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Need Extra Money?

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If you’re new here, please subscribe to my RSS feed. I look forward to engaging!The first cellphone I owned was a Nokia 2110 in 1996/97. A hand-me-down from my father, who got it while doing work at CSIR in Pretoria. Vodacom had just setup a deal to provide cellular services in Lesotho, creating Vodacom Lesotho. I was literally given a …

Kojo BaffoeNeed Extra Money?
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Intel Powers Convergence

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Convergence. A word that has, over the last decade or so, taken on added meaning as technology has evolved and we have made the transition from single-purpose devices to multiple purpose devices. The PC, followed by the laptop, and the birth of the mobile device, whether smartphone or tablet, have created proper confusion when it comes to how we divide …

Kojo BaffoeIntel Powers Convergence
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Life: Put In The Work

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There are so many great examples across the continent. Examples, in my view, are people whose lives, whose actions serve as a guide for how to live as part of a broader society, in whatever sphere. People who through the sheer force of their will and personality have forever altered the trajectory of their lives and those around them. When …

Kojo BaffoeLife: Put In The Work
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WeChat’s Digital Wallet Service

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It has been interesting watching WeChat’s push to entrench itself not just in South Africa but across the African continent. Because it is perceived as direct competition to Whatsapp, which has had a significant head start in establishing itself as the leading IM service globally, the WeChat Africa team, based in SA, have made strategic moves to find other ways …

Kojo BaffoeWeChat’s Digital Wallet Service
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Family Time

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Parenting is no child’s play. Trying to provide your children with a balanced life that serves as a foundation for the lives they want to live is an ongoing task as well as a major responsibility. When I was growing up, factors like ‘screen time’ just weren’t an issue and the risk of our children being exposed to video programming …

Kojo BaffoeFamily Time
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Pay Your Future Self

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Entrepreneurship. A word cloaked in so much hope, passion and idealism but, having been brought up by an entrepreneur and having been one for most of my professional life, I have also learned that it comes with hard work, erratic income and setbacks. The stories of entrepreneurs who failed multiple times before succeeding beyond their wildest imagination are many, and …

Kojo BaffoePay Your Future Self
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Grooming: Manscaping

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The other day, I received a tweet asking me whether it was ‘manly’ to interact with men’s fashion and grooming media. Having spent four years at the helm of a men’s business and lifestyle magazine, I was a little puzzled by the question. I had hoped we had moved beyond the narrow view of what is to be a man …

Kojo BaffoeGrooming: Manscaping
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Fashion: The JD Collection

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In a previous lifetime (one of many) circa 2001/2, I used to be a booker at an actor’s agency Contractors. It’s been interesting watching the growth of the artists I used to spend my days sending to auditions. Many have gone to build solid careers in the entertainment industry while others have found their professional homes in other industries. I …

Kojo BaffoeFashion: The JD Collection
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Huawei Launches The Mate S

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Why do you choose one smartphone over the other? What influences your purchasing decision? Is it the specs? The design? As these little devices have taken over all aspects of our lives, I believe that simply specs become less important. The reality is most, if not all, smartphones do the same things, have the same apps, etc. Apple showed the …

Kojo BaffoeHuawei Launches The Mate S
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Wesbank Drives Uber

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When Uber first launched in South Africa, I enjoyed chatting to the drivers, in particular about what they did before driving an Uber Black, which was the only one available, initially. I met former taxi drivers, a factory supervisor, a truck driver, the unemployed, and even a tour guide. While Uber was something new for all of us, the potential …

Kojo BaffoeWesbank Drives Uber
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Make Life Count

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Sleeping in on weekends ended the day my son was born. At eight years old, now, he drags himself out of bed from Monday to Friday, sometimes trying to get an extra ten minutes by crawling beneath the blankets in my bed when he comes to say good morning. On Saturdays and Sundays however, he’s been known to get up …

Kojo BaffoeMake Life Count
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Showmax Steps Into The Arena

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The music industry has been called ‘ground zero’ for true digital disruption of an industry. Being a music fiend, I have followed, and participated in the evolution of music access, jumping onto nearly every platform, especially now with streaming leading the way. I have, or have had, accounts on simfy Africa, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Nokia Music and even Spotify, …

Kojo BaffoeShowmax Steps Into The Arena
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Win: The Exclusive The Glenlivet Legacy Series

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Example. This is what so many of us need. No human being is perfect yet there is still much to be gained from insights into another person’s journey – their choices, their actions, etc. We are each on our own path, responsible for the trajectory of our life but in the words of Otto van Bismarck, “the wise man learns …

Kojo BaffoeWin: The Exclusive The Glenlivet Legacy Series
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Telling Stories At My World Of Tomorrow

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The evolution and, in some instances, disruption of media platforms has thrown the world into perpetual flux. The cries of this being dead and that being the future reverberate around the world endlessly. But, when we look at the reality, particularly from a business perspective, it isn’t that clear-cut, even more so in Africa. TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, websites, social …

Kojo BaffoeTelling Stories At My World Of Tomorrow
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How Are You Living?

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For most of us, the journey is planned out even before we actually start living. You learn to crawl, walk, run. You go to kindergarten, primary school, high school and then tertiary. You get a job, build a career, hopefully, live in between. While the world has been rapidly evolving and the idea of ‘work’ or ‘job’ has evolved as …

Kojo BaffoeHow Are You Living?
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Don’t Get Speared

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Human beings are flawed. This is part of our charm. It is at the core of who each of us is. Unfortunately, no-one is perfect. And our creations often have flaws. It is impossible to create universal perfection. For everything we create, there are those who find ways around them. Our intentions aren’t always pure because, when we create, we …

Kojo BaffoeDon’t Get Speared
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Top 10 SA Entertainment Blogs

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I have always found anything that comes with a ranking extremely subjective and, therefore, open to discussion/ debate/ disagreement. But I am not so foolish as to look a gift horse in the mouth. The people over at Buzz South Africa have put together a Top 10 Outstanding Entertainment Blogs In South Africa 2015 infographic and have included this site …

Kojo BaffoeTop 10 SA Entertainment Blogs
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Shout, Build, Smile

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SHOUT, the non-profit organisation founded by Kabelo Mabalane and Danny K in 2007, has launched the third song to raise funds to help in the struggle against crime in South Africa. Established following the tragic murder of legendary South African reggae musician Lucky Dube, SHOUT has been focused on building and stocking of libraries in primary schools around South Africa. …

Kojo BaffoeShout, Build, Smile
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Jaguar XE Coming To South Africa

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Jaguar has always had a certain appeal. An appeal that comes from an air of elegance, luxury and class coupled with an underlying edge and mystery, especially in the sportier models. Or perhaps that’s just my British schooling (in Lesotho) speaking. I have never been much of a car nut. I have covered many kilometres driving around Southern Africa and …

Kojo BaffoeJaguar XE Coming To South Africa
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99 Problems With Instax

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The Fujifilm instax mini 8 is a nifty little retro camera that takes instant pictures. I was lucky enough to get one as a gift at a Club Med event and I am loving playing with it, although my children probably love it more. Steve and I chat about it in this episode of the Art of Life. We also …

Kojo Baffoe99 Problems With Instax
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Put In The Work

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I have realised that, increasingly, there are things people do on this social and digital media driven world that do not make sense to me. Actually, not just in the man-made cloud universe but also in the physical realm, but this isn’t about that. This confusion is made even more complicated because there are times when I inadvertently do some …

Kojo BaffoePut In The Work
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Microsoft Mobile’s Affordability Strategy

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The Transition Following the purchase of Nokia’s Devices and Services division for US$7.3million and rebranding it Microsoft Mobile Oy, Microsoft has continued to build on the Lumia range, which included the 800 and 1020 (with its 41 megapixel camera). Since completion of the acquisition in April last year, they have launched, in the SA market, the Lumia 930 (June 2014), …

Kojo BaffoeMicrosoft Mobile’s Affordability Strategy
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Digital Crates: Summertime Mixtape 6

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In 2010, DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK (then Mick Boogie) collaborated to release the Summertime Mixtape Vol 1, which fittingly opened with the track Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. It includes: Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness, Quincy Jones – Summer In The City, Ahmad – Back In The day, Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day, Roy Ayers …

Kojo BaffoeDigital Crates: Summertime Mixtape 6
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

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When the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series I was launched in South Africa by the Daytona Group, I had the opportunity to take it for a leisurely drive around Houghton after having been driven around by a pleasant young lady from the Daytona’s marketing and sales team. Back seat or driver’s seat, on that day I decided that one day I will …

Kojo BaffoeRolls-Royce Ghost Series II