Sway Brings UK Blackstars

sway_bring_me_to_africa__front_cover_-460x460Sway Dcypha has been carrying the flag for Ghanaians at the forefront of UK hip hop for some time now. His mixtapes are legendary and his relationship with Akon’s Konvict Muzik was, in my eyes, supposed to truly launch him onto a full global stage. This seems to moving slower than hoped but Sway and Dcypha Productions continue to drop classic UK / Ghana hip hop. The two most recent are The Delivery Mixtape 2 and Bring Me To Africa (which features collaborations with some of Ghana’s finest).

He recently released a remix of Bring Me, which features Dcypha Productions’ new signing Klayz, as well as Kobi Onyame, Kwamz Flava, Dirty Danger, Peigh and D Dark.


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