In Retrospect

Every week, through browsing, twitter, email, etc, I come across links that entertain, inspire, infuriate, inform and challenge me. I often share these on twitter and not much else. From now on, I will be sharing some of these every Friday as a look back over the week that I, and we, have just had. Hope you enjoy.

Win $100 million
Predict the outcome of all 64 World Cup Matches and win 100 Million Dollars! … more

And You Thought Pirates Was Bad With Penalties
Kojo: This was emailed to me by a friend and the heading was his subject line. Hilarious… more

A step-by-step guide to buying 2010 World Cup tickets over-the-counter
Great news if you have missed out on the first four 2010 World Cup ticket sales phases, there is still one last opportunity to attend a 2010 FIFA World Cup game … more

Emily Explains The iPad
I live in a house full of technology so, of course, when my Mom got an iPad, I wanted to play with it as well. Plus, how many 9 year olds do you see doing technology reviews?

Uncapped Internet is a con
Right, so this whole “uncapped” and “Free the Web” stuff has me a little vexed. Basically I think it is all a bit disingenuous, even bordering on manipulative. While Seacom opened the floodgates last year with falling prices for international bandwidth, the reality is that the Telkom … more

Why the Media must keep a watch on Julius Malema, even though he already wears a big Breitlinger Navitimer
Journalists are accused of many things, from mis-hearing mumbled comments in an interview, to mis-estimating the size of a crowd in a stadium, to accepting bundles of cash and sleeping with politicians … more

Audio Files
At first glance the notion of a service that turns YouTube videos into audio clips may seem redundant. But consider the fact that it means you can get podcasts, live music … more

Customers storm KFCs after coupons rejected
Customers stormed the Kentucky Fried Chicken at the China World Tower in Beijing on Tuesday evening, flipping chairs and tables and refusing to leave after their coupons were denied, the branch’s manager said Wednesday… more

Ask a Hip-Hop Veteran
This week, Jorge Pabon, a performer and choreographer known as Pop Master Fabel, will respond to questions about the history and culture of hip-hop… more

Online Snooping Gets Creepy
When Nazira Sacasa sent me a press release for a new clothing boutique late last month, she didn’t know that I would launch a full-scale web search to learn everything I could about her… more

Work Smart: Freelance Survival Skills
More than 1 out of 10 adult workers are self-employed, and that number tends to go up in a recession. To anyone yoked to a traditional nine-to-five job, the idea of being your own boss … more

How to Start a Mentoring Program
Starting a mentoring program might be the closest you’ll ever get to making a business decision that has exclusively positive impact. Mentoring can improve employee satisfaction and retention, enrich new-employee initiation, make your company more appealing to recruits … more

DJ Jamad on Frolab
Kojo: A friend put me onto DJ Jamad couple of years ago. Recently found his Afromentals x Frolab “Fro Powah Hour” shows … more

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